The industry term bouncer presents an image of someone who will physically break up fights and forcibly eject undesirable patrons. Bouncers are often portrayed in movies as tough, thug-like scrappers who love to fight, like in the movie "Road House". Many nightclubs foster that image by hiring over-sized, ex-jocks, martial artists, or body-builders to handle drunken or out of control patrons. Are tough guys necessary to prevent violence in a nightclub?
Many of these bouncers have little experience and receive no real training. Some bouncers receive bad training about when and how they can apply physical force. In a crisis, inexperienced or untrained bouncers will be forced to rely on their own common sense and physical street instincts to control aggressive behavior from an intoxicated guest. This is a scary concept.

The duty of a bouncer is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone behaves and follows the house rules. The goal should be to see that everyone has a good time, but within limits. The best bouncers are mature, personable, friendly, and can talk to people without appearing threatening or intimidating. Not all bouncers should be male.
The best bouncers don’t bounce anyone…they manage people. The mere presence of a well-trained bouncer should remind the patron that their conduct is being monitored. To be effective a bouncer needs professional training on how to manage and control a packed house. Bouncers must watch over the club so it does not get too intense, the crowd too large, and keep a sharp eye out for intoxicated patrons. In a nightclub setting the combination of too much alcohol, testosterone, and machismo can sometimes lead to physical fights over seemingly insignificant issues.


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