12 years, Special moment and perfect farewell..

For 12 years Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma was a part of Fireball Securitas. He retired on 30th April 2017 after completing his term as a Security Guard.

 On the day of his retirement he was especially greeted by the Fireball Securitas CEO Captain Ravee and rewarded with the retirement amount and also lifetime monthly pension.
Fireball Securitas is a 19 years old company, started with only a few security guards such as Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma.

This is not the only example of employee welfare presented by Fireball. It is a part of their work culture to celebrate and reward the good work of employees.
Fireball Securitas presents the perfect example of achieving customer satisfaction with the equal focus on Employee welfare. The credit goes to the work culture that the company have adopted from the Indian Army.
Just like Indian Army fireball understands the role each person plays in the achievement of goals. The company pays special attention to the employee welfare so that they perform well.
It is not hard to understand the motivation behind these ethics and work culture.  The Fireball CEO Captain Ravee himself is from Army. His father Late Shri BR Magu was a DIG in Border Security Forces.
Our country needs more of this work culture and ethics so that the long gone trust in Private companies can be restored.v


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