The S.P.G. Commandos of PM Modi

This 15th August India will celebrate it’s 71st Independence Day. The Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi will Unfurl the Indian National flag over the red fort.
The security of PM Modi is a big challenge due to his extravagant love for his supporters . If we take reference from our past prime ministers, it’s a clear warning that going off guard is not a good idea.
However PM Modi never hesitate in taking such risks. So it’s all on the security guards to be prepared for the worst conditions.

Special Protection Group (SPG) was formed in  8 April 1985 after the assassination  of Indira Gandhi in 1884. At first SPG was formed and trained specially to provide protection to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, because of the threats he received from several sources. But, when he ceased to be Prime Minister the security was withdrawn. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, the SPG Act was amended in 1991 to provide security to former Prime Ministers and their immediate families for a period of 10 years from the date on which the former Prime Minister ceased to hold office.

Here are some details on the weapons and dress code of the SPG  commandos.
  • 5.56x45mm NATO caliber, Belgium-made rifle is the weapon of choice for this agency. This 3.5kg rifle fires 850 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 500m.
  • Commandoes are also equipped with an FN Five-Seven semiautomatic pistol with an effective range to fire 5.7mm caliber bullets up to 50m which is also of Belgian make.
  • SPG commandoes use tactical eyewear which provides them protection against splinters and a ballistic shield to prevent any distraction from foreign objects.
  • Agency procures light weight and high grade bulletproof vests categorized as level-3 Kevlar. These specialized vests weighing over 2.2 kgs can withstand a 7.62- caliber bullet fired from 10m from an AK-47 which can be considered an impressive capability.
  • Further special knee and elbow pads along with non-skid combat boots are part of the gear


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