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How women at Fireball are defying the stereotypes?

It can be 12 hours as a Lady security guard or 24 hours as the COO of India’s one of the largest security service provider company. Fireball has all the examples of empowered women. Captain  Ravee (CEO Fireball ) have always appreciated the initiatives taken by women.
The best example of woman empowerment is his wife Mrs. Vibha Ravee who is the founder of initiatives like “VR Images” and “Aumtara”.She is an inspiration to many seeking the mental strength and support. With her dynamic personality, She is helping others in living positive and confident life.
Fireball has a large number of women employees at the various positions and in various departments. Whether it is Sales department, CRM department or Accounts, women are contributing highly in every field at the Fireball Company.

Here are some key roles played by Woman in Fireball. Ms. Priyanka Sehgal, Chief Operating Officer 

Ms. Priyanka is defying all the stereotypes of women not being capable of handling the difficu…